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Information to help you plan your next big hike. This website is currently a work in progress and there will be a lot more useful information here in the near future.

Check out the list of thru hikes!

You can use the filters on our list of thru hikes to help you find the hike that will fit in your schedule, or the amount of challenge that you are looking for.

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Learn some hiker slang!

You probably didn't know that hiker have a lingo all their own. To get familiar with some of it, visit our hiker slang dictionary.

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Calculate your hiking budget!

Figure out your budget for your hike, and how much you might need to save for travel, food, hotels, and gear.

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*This data is estimated and should not be relied upon without further research. It is meant as a starting point for hike planning, not as the only information used to plan your thru hike.