Continental Divide Trail

The Continental Divide Trail in North America is estimated to be 3100 miles (4991 kilometers) long, and takes 207 days* to complete when hiking at an average of 15 miles (25 kilometers) per day.

This trail is also referred to as the CDT, and the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail.

It is a linear trail, which means that to do a thru hike, you will have to start and end your hike in different places.

The Continental Divide Trail has 2 terminuses. Most thruhikers choose to start their hike at the Crazy Cook Monument in Hachita, New Mexico, United States and end their hike at the Bertha Trailhead in Waterton Park, Alberta, Canada.

A good day of the year to start this hike from the Crazy Cook Monument is April 1.

The Continental Divide Trail Coalition takes on the task of maintaining, improving, and advocating for the Continental Divide Trail as its trail association.


NameContinental Divide Trail
Other Name(s)CDT, Continental Divide National Scenic Trail
Length3100 miles (4991 kilometers)
ContinentNorth America
Far Out GuideContinental Divide Trail Map
Trail AssociationContinental Divide Trail Coalition
Terminus ACrazy Cook Monument, Hachita, New Mexico, United States
Terminus BBertha Trailhead, Waterton Park, Alberta, Canada

Continental Divide Trail Thru Hike Budget Calculator

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Calculate how much it will cost to thru hike a trail.
3100 / 15 = 207 days to complete the hike
207 days * $35/day = $7245

Estimated Total Budget (USD): $9,245.00

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*This data is estimated and should not be relied upon without further research. It is meant as a starting point for hike planning, not as the only information used to plan your thru hike.